A Revolutionary Service designed for Property Sales. has sold 1000's of properties—making us a leading online selling marketplace. We offer a powerful combination of property expertise, auction experience, estate agency and leading-edge technology and a huge database has been helping sellers achieve the true market potential for their real estate properties since 2011. With our 3 selling options the only decision you need to make is which option is best for you. Check out How do the Options Compare?



Sell your Property Today

Welcome to bidonmyhouse, the revolutionary new estate agent thats changing the way property is bought and sold in the UK.

How? Well the simple answer is; estate agents today do very little yet they still expect YOU to pay excessive commissions and work with antiquated practises despite the fact that technology has automated many processes making the sales process easy.

The simple truth is that traditional estate agents HAVE NOT passed on the technology benefits to YOU the consumer and you the sellers are STILL being charged excessive commissions – It's NOT fair, it HAS TO change – and bidonmyhouse is changing that -  we are on YOUR side!

Bidonmyhouse provides 3 selling options to ensure we offer comprehensive services to sell all types of properties across the UK and within the international arena. Our services have transformed the way real estate is bought and sold. We offer:

  • Programs to sell all types of property either occupied or vacant
  • 3 Different Selling Options.
  • Your own local personal agent
  • NO listing fees to sell your property
  • In most cases you pay NO selling commission.
  • A fast and efficient process to sell your property
  • Extensive marketing to generate the maximum interest
  • The ability to set your own reserve price, ensuring you get the price you want in the shortest possible time
  • Experienced support teams to help you ever step of the way
  • Transparency into all bids received for your property

We offer both 'Live Bid' ,'Auction Room” and “Anytime Offer” in our unique online auction and bidding portal.

"Live Bid" is an Ebay style service with a sensible start price, a secret reserve and a Buy It Now price. This selling method we refer to as “Live Auction” creates a transparent market place for the motivated residential buyers and sellers combining the best aspects of traditional bidding and private-treaty sales.

"Auction Room" or what is also known as a Traditional Auction combines the traditional auction service but utilising the power of the internet and the latest technolgy. No more having to travel to a local venue or feeling the pressure of bidding in a crowded room. Buyers can bid from the comfort of their own environment but still experience the excitement of an auction

“Anytime Offer” is a fabulous unique service were we invite buyers to "Make an Offer" but without any time constraints. We called this service "Anytime", with this service created to appeal to all buyers and sellers and is a totally unique service to bidonmyhouse dispelling the pressure on sellers and buyers by having a time-sensitive auction. No clock ticking – no pressure.

As a result of this the “Live Bid” and “Anytime Offer” opens the market to all potential buyers and sellers.

No longer will auctions be the reserve of the professional investor or cash-rich buyer up to normal residential buyers, creating a larger market place, more interest and activity than traditional auctions.

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