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A Platform Built for Property Sales.. Bidonmyhouse has sold 1000's of properties—making us a leading online buying and selling marketplace. Our powerful combination of general property expertise, auction experience, estate agency and leading-edge technology and a huge database has been helping sellers achieve the true market potential for their real estate properties since 2011.

Sell your Property Today
Sell your Property Today

Bidonmyhouse provides comprehensive services to sell all types of properties across the UK and Worldwide. Our competitive marketplace has transformed the way real estate is bought and sold. We offer:

  • Programs to sell all types of property either occupied or vacant
  • No listing fees to sell properties
  • In most cases NO selling commission or hidden charges
  • A fast and efficient process to sell your property
  • A huge marketing period to generate the maximum level of interest on all listings
  • You set your own reserve price and we ensure you get the best market price in the shortest possible time
  • An experienced team helping the process all the way
  • Transparency into all bids received for your property
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