When it comes to property buying and selling, everyone wants MORE control and to SAVE MORE time and money. That is why cost saving and giving you control of the process are our two core principals.

We give more control by providing online systems and practical support that makes the buying and selling easier and more accessible.

Conveyancing Services

Our skilled panel of solicitors, lawyers and attorneys use our easy online tracking tools to connect everyone giving buyer, seller and mortgage adviser real-time updates (no matter how big or small).

Within the UK we have teamed up with some of the best solicitors.

Conveyancing with More Value, Access Control!
  • Quality Conveyancing to move sales and purchases QUICKLY
  • Easy to use online tracking tools means you keep control with 24 hour access
  • Automatic Key-Stage email updates in real time as it happens, you pick up on the go.
  • Everyone stays connected; Buyer, Seller, Estate Agent and Mortgage Adviser
  • Expert legal support by experienced Solicitors

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Our 24 hour login facility makes progress checking simple and at your finger tips.

Our systems help drive down cost by communicating your full case activity as it happens, giving you MORE control.

Our ability to reduce cost and give you more access to the process of buying or selling your home is at the core of our track record of success.

We have made conveyancing more accessible, more controlled and more time saving!

Solicitor and Attorney Services

You may also need legal advice on your proposed purchase or require assistance on your proposed sale.

Call the team at bidonmyhouse and we will be happy to refer you to one of our panel firms. 

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