"Auction Room" or what is also known as a Traditional Auction is our Platform Built for Property Sales similar to the Traditional  Venue Auction. Appealing to the largest possible buying audience all our "Auction Room" properties are sold online. Buyers have access to the full legal pack of documents and exchange is deemed to occur at the end of the bidding period.

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Key features of "Auction Room"

Bidonmyhouse.co.uk "Auction Room" combines the traditional auction service but utilising the power of the internet and the latest technology. No more having to travel to a local venue or feeling the pressure of bidding in a crowded room. Buyers can bid from the comfort of their own environment but still experience the excitement of an auction. Check out how each service compares

"Auction Room" offers:

  • A service to sell all types of property, occupied or vacant
  • Old School method of auctioning a property but now online
  • Seller will normally sell within 30 days or less
  • Sellers pay no selling fees or commission and only an "at cost" legal pack
  • Free market appraisal on all types of property
  • Sellers have their own personal local agent with local knowledge to help and guide both parties all the way
  • No extra charges to sellers for accompanied viewings
  • Fast, time-defined and efficient process to buying and selling a property
  • Vigourous marketing campaign to generate the maximum interest for the seller and to create huge buyer demand
  • Extensive property exposure including Rightmove and many social networking sites
  • Sellers set their own reserve price and we ensure they get the best possible market price, in the shortest possible time
  • Our experienced team deals with all aspects of the sale helping both sellers and buyers
  • Total transparency into all bids received for both sellers and buyers
  • Buyers can be confident they have only paid the true open market price
  • Buyers pay a low reservation fee if they are the succesful bidder in addition to the holding deposit.
  • Gazumping, antiquated practices, failure of offers to be submitted by agent to sellers, lack of communication and lack of transparency are now a thing of the past with the bidonmyhouse service.
  • Bidonmyhouse creates a sense of certainty, openness and transparency via a service which shows to both the sellers and buyers what offers have been made

Our Buyers/Sellers Charges Explained for AUCTION ROOM


  • All Charges are in addition to the purchase price. Please take this into account when bidding.

  • With each of our listings there is a clear indication of any charges payable by the BUYER

  • Within 2 hours of the auction ending a holding deposit is due by the Buyer in addition to the specified buyers Charges which are clearly stated on the individual listing details.

  • Please take note: Legal exchange of contracts is implied immediately after the auction ends. Completion must be within 28 days from the end of the auction.

  • If the Buyers Legal Information Pack has been produced and provided by bidonmyhouse any successful purchaser will be required to pay the cost of £166.67 + VAT (£33.33) = £200 for the cost of the preparation of the pack. These can then be used by your solicitor to progress the sale. This payment is in addition to any other charges and holding deposit.

  • Any fees payable will be subject to tax levied in the particularly country.

For any further information or to speak to someone: Call 0800 092 4047 or email hello@bidonmyhouse.co.uk     



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