About Us

bidonmyhouse.co.uk is wholly owned and operated by experienced business professionals, including three chartered surveyors with over 100 years experience and senior company directors from corporate and enterprise backgrounds.

Property-disposal clients, brokers and estate agents worldwide list property with our service direct from motivated sellers. The sellers are motivated to sell to give you the best possible deal.

We have 1000's of cash buyers, investors and first time buyers looking every day to buy property quickly. If you are a homeowner, an investor, estate agent or property-disposal client looking to sell a property quickly speak to us - we can help you.

We operate 24/7 offering your properties to our database and operate extensive marketing to ensure each property reaches the greatest number of potential buyers.

bidonmyhouse provides the highest level of service based on straightforward, honest and reliable advice through which our customers can manage their objectives and achieve successful results.

Our Mission

The genesis of the Bidonmyhouse concept began in 2011. Bidonmyhouse was created by a team of industry leading professionals developing a service which benefits both sellers and buyers by intellectual property software that can drive the entire marketplace. It is a unique proposition for consumers, hungry for a better way to do business.

Bidonmyhouse has been specifically developed to meet an immediate market need  - To revolutionise the way property is bought and sold!


Paul Fieldson
Managing Director, Founder
A highly-motivated property professional with over 31 years experience in the property and professional services sector. This vast experience in the property industry has ensured there is a deep depth of knowledge.These skills and expertise combined with his business acumen, connections, personal contacts, his endless energy and passion has culminated in the creation of bidonmyhouse.com
Andrew Manderfield
Head Accountant
Andrew has expertise in all areas of business advice and planning including cash-flow projections, cash retention , tax mitigation and advice on key performance indicators to business owners, providing a cross-section of advice in relation to company and remuneration planning.
David Pert
Chief Financial Officer
David has been a Senior Financial adviser for 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional understanding of finance. David is based in London ensuring he is at the hub of the financial world. David is always available to assist our clients in any financial matters.