"Auction Room" or what is also known as a Traditional Auction is our Platform Built for Property Sales similar to the Traditional  Venue Auction. Appealing to the largest possible buying audience all our "Auction Room" properties are sold online. Buyers have access to the full legal pack of documents and exchange is deemed to occur at the end of the bidding period. This service is making us a leading online real estate marketplace. Our powerful combination of real estate expertise, auction experience, leading-edge technology and a huge database has been helping sellers achieve the true market potential for their real estate properties since 2011.

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Key features of "Auction Room" "Auction Room" combines the traditional auction service but utilising the power of the internet and the latest technolgy. No more having to travel to a local venue or feeling the pressure of bidding in a crowded room. Buyers can bid from the comfort of their own enviroment but still experience the excitement of an auction. Check out how each service compares

"Auction Room" offers:

  • Service to sell distressed and non-distressed properties, occupied or vacant
  • No listing fees to sell residential properties
  • Fast, time defined and efficient process to sell your property
  • Extensive marketing to generate interest and huge buyer demand
  • Sellers set their own reserve price, ensuring they get the best possible pricet
  • Experienced team dealing with all aspects of the sale
  • Total transparency into all bids received for your property
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